What You Should Know About High-Risk Auto Insurance

Not every driver has a perfect driving record. If you've had a few tickets or got involved in a couple of at-fault accidents, then there's a good chance your auto insurance provider may consider you a high-risk driver and require you to purchase the appropriate insurance coverage. The following goes in-depth about what constitutes being a high-risk driver, what this means for your auto insurance premiums and how you can lower your risk profile. Read More 

Auto Insurance: 5 Ways Seniors Can Save Money

3.25 million seniors have a driving licence in Canada – three-quarters of the older population. Senior drivers often become increasingly reliant on their cars to carry out normal daily activities, but, with rising premiums, it's often difficult to afford auto insurance cover on a pensioner's income. Fortunately, there are several ways you can cut your premiums. If you're over 65, find out how you can save money on your car insurance with the five following tips. Read More 

High Risk Drivers: A Look At High-Risk Auto Insurance Plans

Not all drivers in Canada are the same. Some drivers are safer than others, as they are more likely to abide by the speed limit posted on the roads rather than treat the streets as a racetrack. Those who are less likely to abide by auto laws and regulations are more likely to become high-risk drivers, which means that their insurance premiums may skyrocket or they may be denied insurance from insurance companies entirely. Read More 

Will Your Dwelling Be Fully Covered By Your Home Owners Insurance?

Although it is something that you probably do not like to think about, what would happen if your entire home was destroyed? Would you have enough coverage to rebuild your home from scratch? Unfortunately, the answer for most homeowners is probably not. While your insurance company will pay in the case of a total loss, it will only pay up to your dwelling limits. But what does that mean? What does that cover? Read More 

Motorcycle Safety Tips For Older Riders

Motorcycling is an activity many Canadians enjoy. According to the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council, over 54,000 motorcycles and scooters were sold in 2013. Even more interesting is the fact that Baby Boomers represent the largest group of motorcycle owners, accounting for 79,600 of the total number. Unfortunately, time is rarely kind to the human body, and aging can have a deleterious effect on motorcycle riding skills which can lead to an increased risk of accidents and higher motorcycle insurance rates. Read More